Choosing Worker

Overseas Maids vs Local Maids

Direct employing a domestic helper from abroad is normally pure, industrious and highly submissive. As the domestic helper from abroad is the first time to work in Hong Kong without the impact from the habit of previous employer, the employer could instruct the domestic helper and create rules according to his own way, and the domestic helper will respect the employer more.

By contrast, Finished Contract Instant domestic helpers have rich employment experience in Hong Kong, easy to adapt and learn the living style in Hong Kong. Therefore, it is also often to have 'pick on employer', 'job-hopping' and 'goldbrick' occurred

Item New Helpers Terminated Helpers
Application time About 2.5~3 months (for the review and approval of the consulate and the Immigration Department) About 2 weeks
Available number More Less (because the foreign domestic helper can find a new employer within 14 days after the termination of Employment Contract)
Recruitment method View helper data or video talk, telephone interview Field interview and appraisal.
Adaptation period Learn every relevant matter from the beginning, and normally adapt through long time Due to the work in Hong Kong for more than two years, they well know the life habits of Hong Kong people, understand how to conduct domestic duties in Hong Kong way, and easily adapt to new job
Returning to the place of origin for vacation After the completion of two-year Employment Contract Possibly within the first year of Employment Contract
Obedience Not familiar with everything after just arrival at a new place, not become smart or bad; and thus highly obedient A certain work experience, possible argumentation/loafing on the job, more haggling, and less obedient
Choosing work Will accept any kind of work choosing kind of work carefully

Young Vs older Maids

Young and older helpers have equal advantages and disadvantages. The employer can decide according to household state and employment need.

Household Household Applicable Age Advantages Disadvantages
Care of infant 25~40 years old Experienced child-rearing, and sufficient physical power Slow adaptation
Care of teenager <25 years old Young, vigorous, quick adaptation, and easy child communication Insufficient experience
Care of old/ sick/ wounded people 40~50 years old Sympathetic and easy understanding with old people, and more patient Slow response and slower adaptation
Conduct of domestic duties <40 years old The employer is chosen more, the Helper is easy to be competent Possible inadaptability to the change of household state or helper’s responsibilities